At Lenny’s we offer a prestige range of catering services. With our highly skilled team of cooks we are able to deliver an amazing culinary experience that is sure to impress. Whether it be for a small gathering of 30 people or a larger function up to 200 people we can make your foodie dream a reality, all with our own artistic flair. 

Carvery/Buffet Service

Option 1 - Cooked sliced meats + gravy.

Option 2 - Buffet Service inclusive of cooked meats, gravy and hot sides.


We have a range of gourmet salads in either a medium or large.

Spit Service

Option 1 - DIY includes spit hire and your choice of lamb/pig/rolled roasts or beast only.

Option 2 - Catered includes spit hire, lamb/pig, staff to set up, cook & carve on-site.


We have customised tapas packages available to suit your requirements.


Our grazing tables can serve guests anywhere from 40 to 200 people and are completely customisable depending on your requirements. This can be from cheese & antipasto to desserts, finger foods and fruits or everything all together!


We have 3 platter options that are recommended for around 20 people

  1. Deluxe Cheeseboard
  2. Deluxe Anti-pasto
  3. Dessert Platters
  4. Deluxe Seafood


All catering enquiries are welcome, and we are happy to do customised events/styles, just ask!

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