About Us

Situated in Mandurah, Western Australia, Lenny's Family Butcher has been providing quality meats to the peel region since established in 2005.
At Lenny's we believe ethically grown and sustainably sourced meat is of the highest importance. We stock only grass fed Beef and Lamb, free range Pork and Chicken and responsibly caught seafood alongside a few specialty games lines.
With a focus on high quality cuts and a wide range of old-fashioned specialty products it just goes to show why everybody knows and loves Lenny's.

Get to know the team:

Lenny Started his career in butchering in 1968 at the Fremantle Meat Centre. Over the course of his career he has learnt all aspects of butchering both in independent stores and supermarkets. Lenny was a leading butcher being pivotal to introducing value added concepts into Western Australia. Lenny's passion for butchering shows with gleaming pride in the cabinet in-store. Every morning is a new adventure and a new piece of art to construct. Always excited about a new concept or a different idea for specialty lines you will always find him planning the next journey.  Lenny loves to provide old-style butchering and customer service to everyone that steps foot in-store.

When Lenny first met Sam one of the first questions he asked was "Can you cook?".
It was from this moment that's Sam's foodie adventure began. Sam put all her passion into entertaining at family events and friendly gatherings. Her passionate foodie flair started to cross over into the butcher shop when she introduced hot roast meals. As the demand and popularity of Sam's real homestyle cooking took off the menu developed into over 20 different meal options, cooking over a thousand meals per week and branching out into Premium Catering for weddings and events. Sam's love for colour, flowers and all things sparkly showed as a premium point of difference in the catering industry and built a well known and trusted name. Come have a chat with Sam next time you consider catering an event.

Matty began his journey within the food industry through his first job in 2008 at a major poultry retailer in Mandurah. It was here and at multiple stores across the state/country that he learnt the basic skills of working in retail, through to management and eventually owning/operating the Mandurah store himself. Matty built a reputable name for himself taking out national customer service awards and having a different approach to production and back end profits. After a few years Matty came across and joined the team at Lenny's. It wasn't long before he started knocking walls, re-modeling the store and for Sam and Lenny to wonder what they had done. Working with Sam, Lenny and their skills has resulted in Matty becoming an old fashioned butcher with a creative and exciting cooking flair. Matty brings a flamboyant and excited attitude into the kitchen and loves to cook, experiment with strange concepts and provide a quality service to all. If you want something a bit left of centre come chat with Matty as he is never in the pool of normal.

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